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Member Reviews

Jo Altuve


"The tips from BuySoccerTips.com have transformed me from a loser to a big winner. I’ve had to start using multiple bookies because I win so much."

Sony Mikele


“I won 600 Euro total on my first two bets. Alvin definitely understands soccer and has a system set up that allows him to pick winner after winner after winner."

Kim Hung

South Korea

“When my first tip lost I thought I had made a bad decision to join. But since then I haven’t lost in over three weeks – that’s six bets! My bankroll has grown by 3,000 Euro in that time. I can’t believe how good this tipster is."

Max Schermerd


“I wasn’t sure what to expect when I joined BuySoccerTips.com but after seeing firsthand the quality of the tips I am certainly glad I decided to join. If you want winning tips this is definitely the site for you."

Madison Monroe

United Kingdom

“I love the quality of the tips. I also love the email tip delivery and the high level of customer service. I feel like I really matter to the tipster and that he has my best interests in mind."

Alexander Rodanovich


“BuySoccerTips.com offers great tips for a great price. With so many scam sites out there I feel so lucky to have found a tipster who delivers on his promises."

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